Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm always trying to get at something from a slightly different angle. Offbeat, I suppose, and sometimes even a little crazy. Have a look at the picture below and make a guess at what's going on before scanning down the page.

Pretty clearly it's a picture of trees and clouds, perhaps even sunset clouds lit by the setting sun. Or is it a painting by Monet or some other French Impressionist?
Now have a look at the picture below ...

That's the picture as I took it, right side up. It's a picture of a row of trees at the north side of our yard as reflected in the rainwater that collected atop our burn barrel at the edge of the garden. Besides the white reflecting clouds, you're seeing the orange rust that's on the surface of the metal lid. That's responsible for the "sunset" quality of the shot.
I like how the pastel shades are somewhat prominent and the picture takes on a surreal quality, even other-worldly.
This is simply another angle one may use to view today's rainfall. It created the surface by which Pinehaven was transferred to 19th century France.