Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hard Water

A small pond responds quickly to changes in the weather. I suppose the pond water actually averages the extremes of recent weather and writes them on its surface. Such was the case this past week. The lovely row of White Pines, which I gaze at through the summer, is now reflected in thin ice. Isn't it odd how the reflection of the sky is bluer than the real thing?

From another angle, the southeast shore of the pond shows roughly in the icy surface. The ice itself is striated with lines, imperfect freezing brought on by the high winds perhaps?
On 12/09 I recorded a wind gust of 56 mph. The brutal Arctic cold front really pounded the area for 18 hours. Finally the winds have subsided and the temperatures have moderated. I recorded a low of 13 the last two mornings.

This cove (foreground) is shining like glass. The ice is, of course, not safe to walk upon. And the park doesn't allow skating anyway. Too bad as this would be the perfect spot.

So we have managed to get through the first cold blast. I spent a couple of nights sleeping in the living room so that I could keep an eye on the kerosene heater which we used in the kitchen. Anything that keeps the electric furnace quiet for a while is a good thing!
I awoke a couple of nights ago at 2 a.m. and as I came back to bed (i.e. the sofa), I looked out the living room window to the southeast and beheld a thin moon ever closer to new. It was just a touch of light and a star or planet hung nearby. Still, it lit the cold, bare fields and I felt the warmer for being snug within the walls of Pinehaven.
These times will not last. I know. And so I cherish them while I can.