Saturday, December 19, 2009

Season's First Snowfall

The season's first snowfall is always magical to me ... until I have to drive somewhere. And this morning we planned breakfast at Miss Molly's Bakery & Cafe in Farmersville with my brother, Bob. I went out and brushed a path on the back patio and Mom and I met him there at 8:45 a.m. The roads weren't too bad, actually.
What of our dinner bell at the south edge of the patio? I love how the snow, blown in from the north, plastered itself on the heavy metal top. There wasn't a very deep snow to contend with - only 1.5" - but it changed the entire atmosphere from late fall to early winter in a single night.

This view (below) is facing towards our barn from the patio. My 20" National Weather Service precipitation gauge is there on the bottom right. How pretty the tree branches were at this time of day before the temperature rose above freezing and the snow began dropping in great clumps to the ground.

Here's a shot (below) looking out our driveway (eastward) and S. Clayton Road. The maple and the overhanging pines are lovely with the night-fallen snow. The path out the drive isn't totally covered as the snow was too light for that. It means I'll be able to easily get the mail.

This shot (below) looks northwest from our patio and the burn barrel at the edge of our garden (now hidden from view but just to the right of the barrel). That's our bluebird house on the post in the distance. The row of pines, maples and pignut hickories are now wearing their winter best.

Beside the bay window at the kitchen, this horizontal branch holds our suet feeder (far bottom left, barely visible) which the woodpecker regularly enjoys. I've watched a titmouse and male cardinal feeding there, too. Farther to the right are two birdhouses, also quite hard to see with their covering of white. This shot faces roughly northeast.

Finally, looking towards the woodpile and the meadow beyond, I enjoy the wintry view most of all. In the distance, one Scotch pine is draped deep enough with snow to be bending down under the weight. A night time snow is always a surprise, even when predicted.

And so Pinehaven is now draped in its winter's coat and we are inside, snug and warm. What better place is there on earth than this?