Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Waiting in the Wings

 I've always enjoyed watching animals - birds in particular - and seeing their society is no different than our own. Take this female cardinal for instance ...

 While I did the lunch dishes on Monday, the suet feeder was being shared by a downy woodpecker and a chickadee. At times they were working the suet from opposite sides of the feeder at the same time. It is amazing that the tiny chickadee is not intimidated by the woodpecker but I suppose her appetite gave her the brave edge.
 This female redbird, however, found a spot between snowy branches of the maple tree and watched wistfully as the fat was being nibbled. She'd flit away and the come back and watch for another few minutes. But she did not approach the feeder, figuring it already taken. She reminds me of a young lady waiting to be chosen for a dance.
 In the poor bird's favor, two male cardinals were putting on quite a territorial display in the background, diving among the pines, showing their acrobatic ability. If she watched, I did not see her take notice.
 But like all young ladies, I suppose she did. Spring is around the corner and the dance may not yet be started but she, like me, certainly hears the musicians tuning up. As the temperature tickles freezing, those early notes of spring are already in the air.