Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where in the world is Brian Wild?

 All of you wonderful blog readers might be able to help me with this one: whatever happened to Brian Wild?

 Back in the 1960's, I had the good fortune or somehow finding a pen pal. We wrote for many years. Why we drifted apart, I'll never know other than it's common for growing boys to gain other interests than sharing letters with one another.
 Over the years, I've thought of him often. I could remember his name - Brain Wild - and that was about it. I don't even remember where he lived other than it being somewhere in England.
 How we met is now fogged over by time but I do know my mother wrote to his grandmother. His grandmother's name was Carmen. We have a Scottish plaid which Mom finished the edges of and which we use on our sofa to this day. The fabric was a gift from Carmen. I know the two wrote about knitting.
 So what brings the topic to light after so much time has passed? Some years ago I was going through boxes which were in storage in the barn. In one of them I found old photographs. Most are yellowed with age but all were important to me. When we moved to Pinehaven 24 years ago, the boxes were put into storage.
 I found the photos mostly mouse-chewed along the edges (see the middle of the bottom border on the one above for an example) and generally dirty. And yet I could not throw them out. I dusted them off as best I could, placed them in a fresh box and put them in my closet (indoors this time, at least). The other day I was going through the photographs and found two that Brian sent me.

 This one was perhaps taken behind his home. Ah, it's 1966 so the Beatles haircut is a requirement.
 Now the photos won't be recognized by anyone except Brian himself. And so I cast this net upon the Internet to see whether I might dredge him up.
 One more thing. The back of each photograph is similarly marked in this way:

 I see the word "Ilford" is slanting across the back of each picture. I'm guessing that the name of the photographic paper itself and doesn't note a location or a processor.
 So, Brian Wild, what's become of you? You'd be a man of about 60 and, like me, nearing the end of your working years (at least I can hope).
 We've got a gap of a lifetime to fill in.

1. Carmen Stokes was Brian's grandmother; his grandfather was Jack Stokes.