Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eating Out

 While Mom and I have ample opportunity to eat out, we usually go to one of the small restaurants, the typical "greasy spoons". Every now and then we get a chance to dine at a place we love. Olive Garden fills that need for me.

 When I retired at the end of June, the village of New Lebanon gave me two gift certificates: one to the Olive Garden, the other to Applebee's. We visited Olive Garden back in July but had money left over on the certificate so we returned yesterday to use it up.
 Mom and I had the same thing: soup (vegetarian minestrone), salad and bread sticks. Each allowed for refills. I've always liked the atmosphere at Olive Garden and our waitress (Mary) was wonderful. It's just a treat to eat out somewhere other than the usual nearby places.

 We dined with my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Mae (Boyer). Charlie had the spaghetti; Mae had the fettuccine alfredo, my all-time favorite but a heavier dish than I was in the mood for.
 Afterwards, wallets nearly empty, we shopped at one of our downscale clothing choices: Goodwill. We might as well have shopped at the most expensive place available as we bought nothing.
 Then, back to Charlie and Mae for ... you guessed it ... a lunch!