Monday, August 8, 2011

On Golden Wings

 Yesterday I watched as a small moth rested on the outside of our kitchen window. She was there for more than a day, unmoved. It gave me an ample opportunity to study her and to take a couple of pictures. Up close, what I marveled at most was her dual antenna, feather-like and full.

 Nature recycles her best ideas, time and again. These intricate antennae are certainly modeled after feathers. A closer view might show fractal branching, ad infinitum. The moth senses with these structures; a bird flies with something similar.
 The moth, I believe, is an Orange Wing (Mellila xanthometata).

 A wider views show the rusty striations, the fringe along the wing's edge, the earthen wings. Was she just-born and gathering her senses, drying those wings perhaps?