Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mower Woes

 Would you believe it? We have three mowers - two are lawn tractors - and only one of them is working.

 There they sit in the garage. In the foreground is the Huskee which I bought used last summer. It has hydromatic drive and is the easier of the two tractors to use. In the middle is our push mower, a Lawn Boy, which I ordered from a couple of years ago. And in the distance is Dad's White, purchased 24 years ago. It was a 1986 model, an end-of-season closeout, and Dad grabbed it while he could.
Yesterday I was doing my second day of my usual two-day mow when the White simply quit moving forward. I made sure it hadn't slipped out of gear. The blades were still turning. Finally, after examining it the best I could, I put it in neutral and pushed it back to the garage.
 I got the Huskee out and drove to where the other one quit. Suddenly it stopped moving. The exact same thing and almost the exact same spot. Throughout the day I tried numerous things but it failed to budge. Bob stopped by after work and we pushed it into the garage, too.
 I got out the Lawn Boy and mowed the rest of the yard by hand. I've called Mike Duff in Germantown for repairs but how can two dissimilar mowers fail with the same problem within minutes of one another? It seems like the beginning of a Twilight Zone story.