Saturday, September 28, 2013

Germantown Pretzel Festival - 2013

 Those beautiful pretzels - in every shape, size and topping - are back in Germantown this weekend for their annual Pretzel Festival.

 Held this year Saturday, September 28 (9 am to 9 pm) and Sunday, September 29 (noon to 6 pm), it's the 34th year for the event. Today (09/28) the weather couldn't be better ... clear blue skies and not quite 70° when I began my visit just after 10 am. I had to park several blocks away, on Warren Street. Construction work on Market Street (725) has made many of previous year's parking spaces unavailable.

Think my blood pressure can handle the sodium? I'm gonna try.

 Tomorrow's forecast doesn't look so nice, either. The event won't have a rain date.
 I paid $3 for this pretzel offered by a local church. I got two "thank you's" in the transaction, one from the cashier, one from the packager. This will be my evening snack.

Mom wanted her usual "two loaves of bread" from the Methodist ladies: I picked out one loaf of sourdough, another plain white, both expertly hand-made. They sell mostly "quick" breads, not to our liking (and too easy to make at home). Give us some yeast!

 Now enjoy the photo tour of this year's event:

The crab apples are in full bloom and the bees are feasting on the windfall.

It's nearly a full house. I don't think I've ever seen the Pretzel Festival busier at such an early hour.

Besides an area set aside for commercial food vendors, pretzel-sellers dot the sidewalks
of Veteran Memorial Park.

And here's one section of that commercial area.

Could the sky be bluer? September rains can be a problem but not today.

Most of the vendor spaces seem to be sold.

My personal favorites - the crew from Farmersville's Miss Molly's Bakery & Cafe.
I try to take their picture every year.

This is the first year that Mom didn't accompany me. At 87 she's having some trouble getting around. So while I picked up the bread and pretzel, she's baking stuffed peppers. Ah, the best of both worlds.

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