Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snappy Crankypants

 Each time we visit the New Lebanon branch of the Dayton Metro Library, one of our first stops is to see Snappy Crankypants.

 Yesterday Snappy was in his dog dish, filled with water, either taking a bath or a submersible drink.
 It's interesting to note how he watched me. As I brought the camera near the window of the aquarium, his eye followed me with great interest.

 Snappy's got a wonderful home, kept clean by library staff and warm by two artificial lights placed across the top of the aquarium. The Eastern Box Turtle (a male because the eyes are red) is at the entrance to the children's section of the library.
 Once, earlier in the summer, the staff took him outside for several days. We thought he had died but he was merely on a special outing.

 Here's a view of Snappy's world. He wouldn't have it half so nice in a local woodland: a warm, pleasant place without any worry about when the next meal will arrive.

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