Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Twisted !

 The contest was - I thought - "twisted". Post a picture of anything you like that shows a twist. Trouble is, it wasn't a monthly theme; it changes daily. So I'm left with a few extra twists in my photo folder that I'll share here. They'll at least demonstrate how truly twisted my poor mind is and what I consider applicable for the challenge.

 Mini pretzels

 Twisted top of a metal fence at the Germantown Public Library

 Barber pole at the Mug & Brush in Farmersville

 Chain link fence at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Park

 Sliding tube at the Farmersville swimming pool

 Spiral dry pasta - "fusille"

 Legs of our wicker stool

 A mesh bag of Mom's uses twisted fibers

Bob added this one ... a box being used for moving household goods

I didn't want to waste all the neat pictures I have been taking so here they are saved for posterity. Twisted? Indeed!

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  1. Twisted, indeed.
    You FORGOT to post a photo of yourself!??! lol