Monday, April 21, 2014

Morning Walk ... Solitude

 I always enjoy my morning walk. Generally I'll do a couple of laps in Sam's lane (about 1.2 miles) and then repeat that later in the day. Other than when the snow is deep or the rain is pouring down, I do that every day of the year.
 Today the weather was perfect ... 50° at 7:45 am, almost clear, calm ... and yet I did not walk.
 Why? DR is spraying his fields (probably with weed killer but perhaps with an insecticide) and I took one look at the white mist rising about his machinery and came right back inside. My sinuses and allergies sure don't need a dose of whatever that is.
 Instead I drove to the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Park and walked a couple of laps. I've always figured the path is about 0.7 miles long. I timed a circuit: 10:30. It takes me about that long to do a lap in Sam's lane and I've measured that with the car to be 0.6 miles. In any case, the two are close to identical.

 You've seen similar shots to this in the past. This line of white pines on the west side of the pond always get my attention, like dark soldiers standing at attention. The air is calm this morning and the pond is mirror smooth.

 If I walk opposite that first shot and aim back to the east, this is what I see. The sun is shining weakly through muted clouds and jet contrails and foretells rain tonight.
 I was alone for my first lap. Only after I completed half of the second did others begin to arrive. The first was a man and woman with a dog; the second was a lone man who two dogs on leashes. One, who was most interested in me, was a pit bull. In both cases, the people politely kept the dogs away from my path so I didn't have to slow down.
 "Great morning for a walk,' I said. All agreed.


  1. Love the reflective photos...
    thought maybe you saw no people - where does the 'solitude' fit in?

  2. For three-quarter of the time I was walking there was no one but me. These three people and three dogs passed me when I was finishing up so I was alone most of the time. I suppose solitude is subjective. When we draw into ourselves, can't we find solitude even in a crowd?

  3. Indeed we can and do find solitude in a crowd!
    Solitude is BLISS!
    Being one with nature...
    soothes the soul. :)