Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pinehaven in Early Spring

 It's not a perfect day. It's sunny but it's also a little chilly (48° as I gave the yard a first mow of the season) and there's a breeze from the north that brings up goose bumps. It's one of those deceptive days ... too pretty to stay inside and too cool once you're outside to comfortably stay there.
 And yet after this brutal winter, what other choice is there?
 A cloudy morning gave way to sunshine, at least, and I feel the need to knock the rough edges off the lawn. I didn't manage to finish but I've done more than half of what I planned. My feet are wet from the soggy ground, my socks are sodden about the toes and when I unroll my jeans, great amounts of cut grass fall back to the ground. A shower was needed - and quickly - and it has made a quick difference in my mood.
 But back outside I go. Clean body, clean clothes and smartphone in hand to share the joy of this day.

 I have mowed this section of lawn behind the garage. It always seems to grow more quickly than the rest though I seldom give it fertilizer. The septic system is buried here. Is that the reason?

  Farther back and looking east, the sky is full of small cumulus clouds and contrails. The sky is as brilliant and pure a blue as is possible hereabouts. The air could not be clearer.

 From the back of our driveway looking north, the edge of the area I mow is shown. Another acre is north of that row of trees and we allow it to grow naturally, with as little pruning as possible. It's a wonderful nature habitat and I figure the less I change it, the better. It has been growing wild for over 27 years.

 And from that treeline looking ESE back towards the house, this shot demonstrates how much I have to mow. I'd be happy if it were all wild, except right around the house.
 Isn't the scenery particularly beautiful just before the trees leaf out? Our view is less blocked now and unlike winter we can stop and enjoy the view long enough for it to sink in.

 I told a friend in Las Vegas that I'd be mowing this afternoon and that she might catch me on our weather webcam if it happened to upload a frame at the right time. Oddly enough, it did. This view is westward from the garage.
 And speaking of mowing, tomorrow I finish.

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