Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 It wasn't unexpected. And yet it was.
 When I crawled into bed last night (about 9 pm) is was raining heavily. In fact, the sound was so pretty on the shingles above my head that I turned my radio off and contented myself listening to the brief deluge.
 Later, after midnight, I awoke to silence. I got up and looked out the bathroom window since a total  eclipse of the moon was about to begin. While it wasn't raining - at least not hard enough to hear - it was heavily clouded and there wasn't any chance of seeing the moon hide in Earth's shadow. So back to bed went I.
 I woke about 7 am and climbed out of bed to an unusual light. As predicted, it snowed overnight. On grassy surfaces I measured a full two inches. On our concrete bench I found less than an inch. And on our concrete porch (still warm from yesterday's sun) I found nothing.

 This was my first view of the snow, out the north-facing window at the top of the steps.

 The maple outside the kitchen window has its branches lacy-white with the new snow. This is the tree that we tapped for maple syrup. That was March 9 last year (read about it here).

 Looking east from the same spot, the yard is patchy white. Some spots have a full two inches of snow. Other spots have already melted clear, probably due to last evening's warm rain. By the way, there was 0.72" of precipitation in the gauge (both rain and snow, of course).

 The remainder of last year's onions stand snow-covered in the garden. Bare soil, as you can see, did not hold the snow; in the distance, the straw-covered soil held it just fine.

 Beside the kitchen maple, we leaned a couple of mill stones many years ago. They betrayed the snow falling from the south.
 Yesterday our temperature reached 71°; the day before (Sunday) we reached 79° and some spots touched 80°. What a difference a mere day makes this time of year, when air masses collide.
 How long will it last? Well, some of the snow should make it through today. It's 32° at 8:45 am as I type this. We'll rise into the upper 30's. Tomorrow we'll return to more spring-like weather with a high into the low 50's. And then back into the 60's.
 By then, today's snow will be but a bad memory.

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  1. Crazy winter - but, Pinehaven always looks even more beautiful dusted in white...