Monday, August 11, 2014

A Day at the Ballpark

 Yesterday (Sunday, August 10) I had the pleasure of spending the day with Tom Buhler. It was Amazon's employees' gathering at the UC Health Stadium in Florence, Kentucky for a baseball game. Tom works at Amazon's CVG Warehouse in Burlington, Kentucky. Both the tickets ($10) and a food voucher ($6) were provided to each of us.

 The price is right!

 US Health Stadium - Florence KY (Tom's in green)

It was "Family Day" at the ballpark - not so many showed up, though

 A view of the field before the game started

 Florence Freedom team members stand for the National Anthem

Practice time prior to the game starting

 ... and the game begins. Jhiomar Veras (#10) with the Normal Cornbelters

 A game area for the kids

A view of the section (E) where we were sitting. Good seats!
(but unprotected by netting)

Florence Freedom played the Normal Cornbelters (central Illinois) in  two games this Sunday
They lost the first (2-3) and won the second (2-0)

The sky was mostly cloudy but the day was hot (low 80's) and humid 

Neither myself nor Tom are baseball fans ... but the free food was good
and the friendship was even better

During breaks, there were competitions for kids - here they spin around a bat
to see who will get dizzy and fall first

 And here they see who can fold the most pizza boxes. The prize? Pizza!

During another break, several kids share a single pair of large underwear
... and see which group can run the farthest

 The scoreboard

 Aaron Dudley (#7) with the Normal Cornbelters needs a new pair of pants ... badly

We stayed over an hour and then the heat began to get to us. We decided to get something (more) to eat. When we left the stadium, Tom drove south, figuring there was a Cracker Barrel at the next exit. We drove 20 miles without seeing one. It turns out there was a Cracker Barrel, but at the next exit north! We drove an additional 40 miles just to find some dessert.

  At least Cracker Barrel was cool. And the waitress brought us plenty of water.

For myself, I had Cracker Barrel's Apple Dumpling with Streusel. It is delicious, though far too much for one person to eat. Tom had their Coca Cola cake (also with vanilla ice cream). I brought about half of this home in a box.

For two people who don't much enjoy baseball, we made a wonderful day of it.

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