Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creamy Rice Pudding

 Is it ever a mistake to buy in bulk, especially when the item is rice? Probably not financially. But after buying a large bag of white rice at Kroger's last spring, we began to wonder what we'd do with it all. We've had rice soup and plain rice and we're about "riced out".

 Still, we're not about to throw out the excess.

 So the other day, after Mom made another large pot of rice and wondered what she'd ever do with the leftovers, I suggested rice pudding. "Why don't you find a recipe you like and make some?" Mom asked.

 Why not, indeed. I found a popular recipe at, one that was easy to make (especially if you already have cooked rice). This is a stove-top recipe as opposed to the one I made last, an oven recipe.

 May I point out that this is the same bag of rice we were using in March?

Creamy Rice Pudding

 But four servings? I think not! Those would be very large servings!

 Other notes I made in regards to this recipe: 1. It seems like there is way too much liquid early on in the cooking. Believe me, it's all absorbed by the rice. 2. 15 minutes cooking time is plenty (I left it on for 20 and ended up with a pudding that is slightly too stiff (it sets further as it cools). 3. You can simplify the final steps by beating the egg into the remaining milk and adding the vanilla to this liquid. Just pour the raisins in last.

 I also used a combination mix of raisins (regular, not golden) and dried cranberries. I thought of adding dried blueberries, too, but then feared it might color the pudding blue (that might be cool but not very appetizing). I also topped the dessert with ground nutmeg when it was served (cinnamon might work as well).

 Final thoughts: the 1/3 cup of sugar is plenty to sweeten this recipe. I thought it would be too little. But, no, it is perfect.

 This is a stick-to-the-ribs dessert.

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