Monday, August 18, 2014

Return to Oxford

 How long has it been since Tom Buhler and I roamed the streets of Oxford? We've both been back since we graduated from Miami University. I graduated in 1971 with a degree in English education; Tom graduated in 1979 with a degree in Botany.

 On August 17 we returned. Reminiscent and nostalgic, we found Oxford greatly changed, and Miami University undergoing a substantial transformation. But still, the old town held the same sights, the same feel of those many years ago.

First stop, Wild Berry on High Street, Oxford (Tom center)

Tom's checking out posters at Wild Berry - back to the 1960's 

Tom at Jimmy Johns, a sub place on High Street, Oxford
One of my reasons for going - the 8" veggie subs are incredible 

Here's a close-up look at the subs 

Storefront - Jimmy Johns - Oxford 

Tom rented this apartment while a student at Miami University 

Tom's a botany major; I'm just interested in anything natural.
These are maturing buckeyes (Aesculus glabra), Ohio's state tree 

 McGuffy Hall - Miami University

Statue of William Holmes McGuffy outside McGuffy Hall - Miami University 

Armstrong Student Center - Miami University 

Inside view, Armstrong Student Center - Miami University

Shriver Center - Miami University 

"Fruiting body" on a magnolia outside the Shriver Center 

Tamarack tree (Laricina) and fruit (perhaps not?)

Center for Performing Arts - Miami University
Reflecting Pool

Stanton Hall - residence hall on the south quad
Named for Robert Livingston Stanton, Miami's 6th president (1866-1871)
Tom roomed here while at Miami 

Tom's looking into his old room at the rear of Stanton Hall 

Sculpture near Miami's Sports Center 

Wide angle view of the pool inside Miami's Sports Center 

We were there on a Sunday afternoon and no one was using the pool.
It was open, though. This new facility is a vast improvement over what I remember 

WMUB - 88.5 - Oxford

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) - as pretty an oak as nature has built 

Kumpler Chappel - completed 1918 - Western College Campus
No longer used for regular services but many a Miami grad has been married here 

Cheerleading flags practice on the Western Campus

Pully Tower - Miami University - installed 2001
At the intersection of Oxford Trenton Road and S Patterson Avenue

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) in full bloom near  Upham Hall - Miami University

Tom and I rest a moment in the tunnel beneath Upham Hall
Many of my classes were held in this building when I attended classes in Oxford in 1970 and 1971 

The Miami University Seal - center campus 

Beta Bell Tower - Miami University - completed 1941 

King Library - Miami University - opened 1973 (two years after I graduated) 

Downtown Oxford (looking west from Brick (High) Street & Campus Avenue

Inside DuBois Books in Oxford 

DuBois Books carries every sort of Miami apparel 

Looking west along High Street - downtown Oxford 

Tom's checking out the assigned textbooks by Miami professors
Follette's Miami Co-Op Bookstore on High Street 

Downtown Oxford looking west

 We left Farmersville for Oxford just after 11 am and didn't return home until about 5:30 pm. We stopped at Hueston Woods on the way back and found the beach nearly deserted. What happened? There is no longer a lifeguard on duty and there's no bathhouse. It seems a shadow of its former self. I'm glad we didn't plan to swim.
 Finally, we stopped at Captain 9's in Germantown for supper. We shared a 10" veggie pizza ("No green olives," said Tom) and then drove home. We visited with Mom for a while, took one lap in Sam's lane and called it a day.
 And a memorable and fun day it was.

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