Thursday, November 6, 2014

Red Sky at Night ...

 I'd not have noticed last evening's sunset if it not been for a call from my brother on his way home from work. He was on Sellars Road in Moraine, traveling west and he told me that he was looking at a sunset that was becoming breathtaking. He suggested I'd better get my camera and head outdoors.

 Rather than grab my camera, I grabbed my cell phone, pulled my terry cloth robe about me, slipped on shoes without tying them and walked into the back yard. The colors were muted but the palette was amazing and I could see where the path was leading as the sun sunk further and the sky began to darken.

 This first shot (now that I had gone back into the house and gotten my camera) was taken at about 5:45 pm (11/5/14). The sun was sitting on the western horizon and the oranges were the most prominent color.

 Mere minutes later and the color seemed to fade. I took this shot and walked back into the house. It didn't seem as though anything momentous would happen.
 But then ...

Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Red sky in morning, sailor's warning

 Now, almost 6 pm, and the deep reds have suddenly flared. The sky seems to be bleeding.
 I am in awe for the few minutes this spectacle displayed. All day long, a break in the clouds hovered just north of the Dayton area, like the roll-top roof of an observatory. I watched clear, blue sky to the north; we had clouds overhead all day. The clouds deck tilted from the southwest to the northeast and it is this striation that appears in this photo.
 Quickly the color began to fade. Darker purples replaced the reds as the light diminished and night overtook the Miami Valley.

 I find my greatest joy in the sky, its wonders of clouds and nighttime stars. And I never get my fill of sunsets, that last gasp of sunlight as night pulls the covers high.

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