Friday, December 26, 2014

Making a Christmas Memory

 Mom and I have a Christmas tradition: we go out to brunch at the Waffle House. It saves cooking and doing dishes and we certainly look forward to it every year. This year we were joined by Tom and Bob. I always take a Christmas photo to remember the day by. Here is our group shot for 2014:

Christmas 2014
Bob and Mom (back row); Tom and Bill (front row)

 I have to note that I haven't had a haircut in nearly 19 weeks so it's unusually long and unusually white. I'm also going unusually bald!

Mom and Bob 

 But first, to the Waffle House in Brookville. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait because the parking lot was nearly full when we arrived. Another stroke of luck: our waitress was Barb who we always enjoy talking to.

Bill & Tom 

 That's our waitress, Barb, in the center of the picture. We've had her for many years and even Dad enjoyed talking with her. How do they call out the orders so casually and still get everything right?

 The place was packed. How could we have lucked out with a quiet booth and one which holds four people and is also close to the restroom (Mom's favorite spot)?

 Since I knew we'd be having a variety of great desserts for our card game in the afternoon, I didn't order my usual (and favorite) "double pecan waffle". Instead I opted for a couple of cheesy eggs, a double order of hash browns and toast. It's on their special menu at $5. It even included coffee.

 Waffle House - Brookville, Ohio

 A highlight of our Christmas gathering is a game of cards, Michigan Rummy in this case. We play at the dining room table. This table, by the way, was my maternal grandmother's when my mother was a child. It's a family heirloom.

 Tom and Bob contemplate their next move.

 Mom, too. The glass of homemade apricot wine in this picture is mine (Mom's drinking coffee, I think). Mom and I made the wine in 2008 and decided it was time to break open a bottle and celebrate. Only Tom and I celebrated, though.

 This is my traditional spot at the table. It's a fine place to eat a meal but it's a long reach when playing cards. Still, I have the longest arms so it's an appropriate place to sit.

 Tom's slowly sipping a glass of homemade apricot wine, too.

 Bob's a bit of a ruthless card player. Winning is everything to that old boy. I have to say, though, that I won this game. Later in the day, Tom and I played two more games. I won both of those, too. Isn't the saying this: let the best man win?
 [Note: Bob reminded me that we played two games and that he won one. OK, you're right; I forgot.]

 Our "food table" offered an assortment of snacks and desserts. The apple pie in the center is mine. At the top right is a pumpkin cheesecake Tom brought (equally delicious). At upper left is a baked peanut butter item Bob bought at Miss Molly's here in Farmersville. Lower center is a cheeseball Mom makes every holiday.

 When we first came back to the house from Brookville I put a sawdust log in the fireplace and we had a nice crackling fire all afternoon. Late in the day Tom and I took a ride in the country.
 So Christmas 2014 was a memorably quiet one. They're the best in my opinion. Good friends and family. Good food. What more could anyone ask?

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  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful day. Friends and family, nothing better!