Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pumping Poop

It was time. Our toilets haven't been flushing quite right. Mom suggested that I check when we last had the septic tanks emptied. Turns out it was October 1, 2011. That's just over 38 months. Chuck Lee, the guy who always does the dirty deed for us, said "three to four years is about right".

So I called him yesterday and he came today. $425 later we've got an empty septic system ... and a partially empty checkbook. But what are you going to do? Unlike a city sanitary sewer where you flush and it's instantly gone, here we flush and it stays.

 Through the second floor window in Mom's bedroom, I saw Lee backing his truck up by the garage. I had placed an orange flag at the spot where they needed to dig to find the buried concrete lid to our septic system.

 It wasn't more than half an hour later that the guys were done. In three years time, we'll need to have them back. Let's see, $425 for three years. That's nearly $150/year or about $0.39 per day.
 Pooping doesn't come cheap.


  1. Only you would make a blog post about this!??!