Monday, December 8, 2014

Findlay Market (again)

 Yesterday Tom and I stopped at Findlay Market for lunch on our way to the nearby YMCA which is closing for more than a year for remodeling. It was a "last chance" so we took advantage of the proximity of two of our favorite places.

 I should have bought one of these Chocolate Peppermint Tarts and I'm sorry I didn't. They seem rather Christmassy. Isn't the swirling of the peppermint beautiful? Presentation is everything. One can get a lot of good ideas by simply window shopping. I did buy two quinoa-based vegetarian "burgers", Mediterranean style, at $2 each.

 Findlay Market wasn't quite as busy as when we visited it earlier in the year. The character has changed to a holiday spirit. Christmas trees, pine wreaths and garland were being sold at the entrance. The inside was subtly decorated with strands of lights.

 Here's what's left of my bean burrito. I had black beans, rice, lettuce and sour cream on a warmed and steamed flour tortilla. Tom had something similar but with an assortment of sauces. He had to go back to the counter and get a fork, it was so messy. While he was there he also bought a flan. Delicious! Even better than the one I had last week..

 We bought our burrito here: Mama Lo Hizo ["Mama did it"]: Taquera y Tienda ["Taquera and Store"]. A "Taquera" is simply a "stand". Quite nice ladies working here, pleasant and polite. The food was excellent. My bean burrito was $5.99.

 And Mexican Coke's in bottles made with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup or diet-style with Aspartame. This is how Coke used to taste!

 I suppose this is a good example of Tom in one of his "do you have that camera in my face again?" moments. Sorry, Tom, but I can't help myself.
 After eating we went to the Central Parkway YMCA and did 2.5 miles on the track, used the steam room and sauna and had two long, hot showers. It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
 I figured I'd be troubled by traffic leaving the Bengals game (with the Steelers) so I left at 4 pm and headed north on Hamilton Avenue (127). That's stop and go traffic if there ever was any but at least it was moving. When I approached 275 I slid over to 75 and completed my journey north in the usual way.

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