Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blue Jay Restaurant

 Yesterday (01/31) I arrived at Tom's about noon. He was sound asleep when I got there but I roused him easily and we headed across the street to the Blue Jay Restaurant for breakfast (I had already had one, but never mind).

 It's a 1950's-looking place ... counter, stools, Formica walls, booths, wooden floors.

 Tom's barely awake, I'd say, but hungry. He got off a little early, climbed into bed at 5 am and I woke him just after noon. Surely seven hours is enough?

 Me? Up at my usual 6:40 am and out for breakfast with Bob at 8:15 am. We ate at Miss Molly's in Farmersville and then came back to Pinehaven to play a game of Rummy with Mom. By 11 am I was on the road to Cincinnati. Normally Tom and I get together on Sunday but with a snowy forecast, I suggested we change days.

 This is Tom's breakfast: a "Green Omelette". The main ingredient: spinach. I saw plenty of tomatoes and onions in there, too. Looked delicious and it was h-u-g-e! Surely this is a four egg omelette? Off to the right is a plate of hash browns with onions.

 Since I had already had eggs for breakfast, I opted for French Toast. "Do you want powdered sugar on them?" the waitress asked. Yep, might as well make them sweet. She served syrup, too, but I ate them too quickly to bother with it.

 Good food. Friendly waitresses. Nice place to visit.

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  1. I like the looks of that green omelette.