Monday, February 2, 2015

Orchid Blooms (again)

 It's probably been a month ago that Mom told me that her orchid was preparing to bloom. In the winter we keep all four of our orchids on our enclosed south-facing porch. It isn't warm out there - it isn't even heated but for residual heat rising from the basement furnace (there is no outlet on the porch itself) - and I often see it in the 40's. Too cold for orchid-growing? On the coldest winter nights, I add a small space heater.

 Here then is the recent progress of "Mom's orchid". I've never known quite what it was but I suspect it's a Miniature Cattleya. It's the most intense red and yellow imaginable. I've never seen anything quite like it before.

 Other posts can be brought up to compare this blooming cycle with others. I'll date each picture. Enjoy.

January 15 

January 26 

January 27 

January 29 

 February 2

February 2

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