Saturday, May 16, 2015

Return to IHOP

 It's been years. IHOP hasn't had a location in the Dayton for some time - why, I wonder? - and it's a place our family used to frequent. Yesterday Tom suggested we go there for brunch and it turned out to be a good choice.

 We went to the location on Marburg Avenue in Cincinnati.

 The restaurant was clean as a pin and the people working there - from the cashier to the waitress - were beyond friendly. That's always a good reason to return. But the food was what we mostly came for and it didn't disappoint us, either..

 Tom had a wonderful salad ...

 And something IHOP calls a "Strawberry Splashberry" ...

 And I had a Garden Omelette which filled a plate. Underneath were a few eggs and atop were tomatoes, broccoli and plenty of shredded cheese. It came with toast (I always order wheat).

 And I added a pot of regular coffee and a glass of water. The coffee was dark and rich and plenty hot for the entire meal. I understand it's endless, but one pot turned out to be enough for me.

 It looks as though IHOP is coming back to the Dayton area. It'll be a great place for a return visit.

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