Sunday, May 3, 2015

Original Pancake House (again)

 Tom and I didn't have as much time today so we met at exit 19 (I-75) at one of the locations of The Original Pancake House. We enjoyed it the last time we went and Tom was lusting after their Dutch Baby, a German big-as-a-plate oven-baked pancake.

 I warned him: they're 730 calories. Didn't matter. He wanted one.

And he got one.

 Tom ordered fresh strawberries to go with it. The lemon slices and powdered sugar (yes, more) is part of the deal.So's maple syrup but Tom usually skips that.

 For myself, I ordered a lighter menu item, blueberry pancakes ...

(just 640 calories .... cough, cough). It comes with blueberry syrup.

 And then there's their wonderful dark, rich, strong coffee! I always need something to cut the sweet. A balanced life is everything, right?

 Here's Tom "before the bloat". No "after" pictures.

 And a shot of me (actually, I should be shot for eating that many calories in one sitting).

 This location of The Original Pancake House is much newer than the one we visited before. Want to read that original blog? Click here.
 Highly recommended if you love pancakes. Great food. Great people.

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