Monday, July 6, 2015

Holy Moley!

 While I was mowing yesterday and passed by Mom's "thinking log", I noticed wood chips out in the grass and quite a hole carved into the side of the log. Here's a wide-angle shot of what I saw.

 I must first explain what a "thinking log" is. When we first moved here, 28 years ago, Mom found this spot between two ash trees the perfect spot for contemplation (her navel, perhaps). I soon found a log which she wanted placed there as a spot for her to sit. I doubt that she ever actually used it but that name has held for all these years.
 Now the log, resting upon the ground for decades, has a large hole in the side. Here's a close-up:

 My first impression that this hole was made by a woodpecker. I suppose the bird was looking for insects. But when I posted the picture on Facebook, others said it might also have been eaten away by termites. Possibly, but I still think it was a woodpecker. We have plenty of downy's, a few red-headed and a pileated that returns rarely.

 Then, later in the day, I saw that a log atop our woodpile, also had similar holes. Here it is:

 These holes are facing directly up. One is deep, the other barely begun. Each of the holes I've found have ants inside the cavity.
 So, who made it? Woodpeckers? Termites? Or some other animal? I'd have expected to hear a woodpecker, especially since the wood pile is so close to the kitchen (perhaps no more than fifty feet to the north). I have heard nothing.

 Feel free to leave a comment. I'd like to know what you think.


  1. I think its carpenter ants, & if it is, I hope they don't decide they like your overhang or some other wooden part of your lovely home. The hole looks very ragged for ants but since its full of them, once again I say, perhaps?

  2. It is possibly a collaborative effort with the woodpeckers feeding on the insects nesting in the dead wood.