Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meeting with Jim

 Jim Saylor and I go back to 1969, I suppose ... both college students at Miami University - Middletown. We met in a geology class and soon hit it off. Forty-six years later we're still the closest of friends. We may usually be separated by miles, but nothing else.

 Earlier this week he sent me an email from Toronto. He'd be arriving at the Dayton air port on Saturday mid-moring. How about meeting for lunch?

 So 12:30 pm found Jim arriving at the Fazoli's in Moraine just five minutes before I got there (five minutes early myself, I might add). We spent an hour and a half catching up.

 Thanks to Pam, the cashier who Mom and I always find working behind the counter at Fazoli's, for taking this picture. Pam's in her 18th year working here.

 Jim hasn't changed much in that nearly half a century (I can't say that for myself). Seems the same young guy I met so many years ago. By the way, Jim and I traveled a bit in those early years: a weekend at Clifty Falls in Madison, Indiana, and two spring break trips to Florida (Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach). Jim and his wife, Pam, now live in Florida.

 For Jim, lasagna with meat sauce.  I'll have to remember, Fazoli's adds the meat to the sauce, not the pasta. I can order this with marinara and have a vegetarian version. It looked delicious.

 For myself, the usual spaghetti with marinara. We "shared" the breadsticks: one for Jim, three for me. Jim was worried about the carbs; I wasn't. I should be.

 And here's a parting shot taken with Jim's cell phone. Yes, I need a haircut. I'm at my 13 week target date next Monday so it's almost time. If my hair was shorter, it wouldn't look so white and I wouldn't look so old.
 Anyway, a great afternoon of catching up. Time with a friend is priceless.

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