Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ha Ha Pizza

 "If you go to Yellow Springs with Tom today," my brother said, "you've got to try Ha Ha Pizza."

 I didn't know if he was joking at first. He thought it might be "Aha Pizza". Well, I looked it up on the net, saw that it was indeed Ha Ha, and asked Tom whether pizza sounded good. Yes it did. So we added pizza to our first stop when we got to Yellow Springs.

 It's a little joint, located on Xenia Avenue just south of Dayton-Yellow Springs Road (Dayton Street). We arrived with the rain right behind us and found a single parking spot out front.

Considering how busy the joint was - standing room only - we got a table quickly. We ordered ... and then we waited.

 Our pizza (a 16" with mushrooms and onions) was right-out-of-the-oven-hot and as delicious as can be. Clearly they use fresh ingredients. No canned button mushrooms here. We washed it down with soda (Tom chose Dr. Pepper; I had a Pepsi).

 Then, amid a cold rain, we walked to town and checked out Mr. Fub's Party, a toy store Tom remembered from years ago (he's a real toy aficionado) and then settled into Dark Star Books (pictured above). Tom loves books - maybe even more than Star Wars - and would have willingly spent the rest of the day there. They have great stacks of used books, hard-to-find titles, and even a large selection of comics.

 We hurried home, then, to a homemade apple dumpling and a game of Michigan Rummy. A great day but one that went far too quickly.

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