Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

 We've passed it many times, Tom and I, and I think just as often we've said, "We've got to try that place sometime". Yesterday we did.

 The location of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill we visited is on Calhoun Street, just across from the University of Cincinnati. That explains why most of the tables had college students munching happily away.

I ordered a bean (vegetarian) burrito and a Coke. Tortilla chips and a wide variety of dips (salsa) was supplied at a self-service bar.

 This restaurant has, I think, a clean logo.

 I'm digging in to my burrito.

 There must have been 20 varieties of salsa available and little plastic cups to put them into. I particularly liked the one with pineapple as shown on the front; Tom preferred the more standard salsa with pieces of tomato at the back right. Later I added a green salsa ... perhaps cilantro and lime?

 I forget what Tom ordered but he ate it all, right down to the last bite. I loved my burrito but found it too much for one sitting so I carefully wrapped it in foil and paper ... and forget it when we left.

 My bean burrito ... partially eaten. Lots of black beans a rice. Nicely served in a metal tray.

 The interior of the restaurant is sort of "Mexican cantina". The walls and ceiling are painted a shade of orange.

 The stools have an X with a hash. Tom says this refers to cross-town rival, Xavier.
 Bottom line: Great Mexican food. Very similar to Chipotles and, in my opinion, neither better nor worse, just different. But the atmosphere is better by far and so too are the variety of salsa's offered. We'll certainly be back.

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