Monday, September 7, 2015


Where there is much light
the shadow is deep - Goethe

 I am driving home from Cincinnati on Saturday (09/05) and arriving back in Jackson Township just about 6 pm. Throughout the day the heat and humidity has fired convection and a few towering cumulus build ahead. They are few and far between. I'll soon enough find the pavement wet from a passing shower.

 As I am driving west on Manning Road - just east of Twin Creek - I watch the sky as it seems to pull a cloak across my view. Where the sun was shining in my eyes only moments before, I see a swath of black approach from the north. It is not a cloud; it is a shadow.

 The black cuts the horizon like a knife. Sunshine to the south; black to the north. The pavement seems to darken and disappear.

 Science will say this is no more than a crepuscular ray, a shadow cast by a cloud. I can't argue with that. And yet it is surreal, the sky before me blotted out in real-time. I feel half blind.

 As quickly it pulls back, like a curtain on a stage ... simply gone. But I will remember this.

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