Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mt. Airy Forest: Everybody's Treehouse

 What? A treehouse in a Cincinnati park? Tom read about this in a newspaper article some weeks ago and handed it to me. Yep, something we both had to see. The treehouse - called Everybody's Treehouse - is billed as the only wheelchair accessible treehouse in Ohio.

 Located in Mt. Airy Forest, the location isn't far from Tom's apartment. We were hoping for a good weather day and we certainly picked one. It was 63° - on January 30th, yet - in the mid-afternoon as we pulled into the park.

 Access to the treehouse is via an elevated ramp. Thus the handicap accessibility.

 The treehouse itself - completed in 2006 - is not so much a traditional treehouse (though it has trees growing up through it) but more of a small building built on stilts.

 Here's a view of the interior ceiling.

 That sounds like quite a lot of weight of me. If an average person weighed 150 pounds, that'd be nearly four tons.

Bill Schmidt

 The roofing is natural shake shingles. Good choice.

Tom Buhler 

 A large expanse of the roof is open to the wind. Tom fired up a compass program on his cell phone and this area shows to be facing west. I'd think during a sudden summer thunderstorm, the rain would pour in through this opening.

 I'm surprised that the treehouse is open until 10 pm. There is power and ample lighting, though. The video surveillance is probably more needed to prevent vandalism than for safety.

 In a distant tree, the video camera is mounted high above the ground. I didn't see any power cables attached to it. Apparently it is wireless, thus the antenna on top.

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