Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Seeing Red

 I always appreciate anything that is good at something. Our amaryllis is good at red.
 It always makes me consider this: where does this abundance of red come from? Think of that old, dry brown bulb. Cut it up and you'll find only white and green ... but no red. I know: it's the effect of light playing on the surface of the petal. But you'll find red nowhere but there.

 The texture of the petal is amazing. These macro shots were all taken today, April 19.

 There are certainly many shades of red, even hints of blue.

 The next two shots were taken yesterday, April 18 ...

 Now, back up a bit more and you'll see the amaryllis sitting on our indoor porch, on April 4.

 And travel back in time still further - to March 17 - and this is how the plant looked when I first saw the bud.

 This plant hasn't bloomed in years (perhaps three). I was ready to take it to the compost pile. Mom intervened and suggested there was still time for something to happen. And it did.
 Each summer I move it to the back porch and water it regularly. I also give it one application of fertilizer.

 The bulb itself is many years old. I suspect it was purchased one year for Christmas. I don't know if the blooming is endless but it's certainly produced many blooms over the years. It's about time to move it outside for the summer.

 Next fall, I'll chop off all the green growth and move the plant to the basement for a few months. I allow it to completely dry out (I do not remove it from the pot, nor the soil). Generally in November I'll bring it to our enclosed porch and begin watering it anew.

 It's the old story of renewal, written in red.

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