Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Flowers Galore!

 We're right at the peak of our spring flower season. It began quite early this year due to the warmer than usual winter. But it's really cranking out the blooms at the moment. Too soon it will be a fond memory so both myself and Dan Miller have been out photographing, capturing them while we can.

 All of these flowers are Dan's. He lives about five miles north of Pinehaven, on S Clayton Road, in New Lebanon. He's not skimpy about planting bulbs - nor his care for flowers and gardens in general. He goes big time ... and the results are awesome.

 First, here are Dan's photographs, taken today (04/18/16) ...

And here are the photos I took last Saturday (04/16/16):

Behind Dan's house is a mostly hand-dug pond. Look who moved in ...

 So today's Pinehaven blog is dedicated to Dan. Beautiful flowers ... wonderful guy.

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