Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cats of Ancient Egypt

 Tom and I attended the current exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum in Eden Park yesterday: Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt. For additional information, click here.

 While I always enjoy the museum, I found this display less than exciting. I'm not even sure there were new pieces shown. Still, it was a chance to visit the museum and that always means a good day.

 Here are a few of the pieces that I was most attracted to ...

 I'm amazed at the workmanship on these pieces made thousands of years ago. The tools must have been crude by today's standard and yet the work is intricate and precise. Can you imagine sitting in a room in the desert, probably with inadequate lighting - and no air conditioning - and crafting these pieces?

 In the background is a "cat coffin". Mummified like humans, many of the Egyptian cats were buried with care.

 This cat was carved from a solid block of wood.

 Even before we went to the exhibit, Tom took me out to lunch for my birthday (coming up next week). We went to Melt Eclectic Cafe in Northside ...

 We each had their Avocado Melt, a somewhat pizza-like dish. Quite good and scalding hot when brought to the table. We shared a salad and each had a Mexican Coke in a green glass bottle.

 While Tom and I wait for our meal. he's facing the street and can enjoy the passers-by.

  I, on the other hand, am back-lit by the street. The birthday boy will be 67 on July 13.

 We had a full day. Before the art museum we stopped at Findlay Market and I bought a couple of home-grown tomatoes ($2/lb). We'll see whether they're as good as they look. I had hoped they were grown locally but I suppose it's a week or two early for that. "They might be home grown," Tom said, "but most likely in some southern state."

 "I think it would be more accurate if they called them field-grown."

 Then, after the museum we drove by the Cincinnati Gardens, a venue formerly known for hockey games and concerts. Tom wanted me to see the building before it was razed. The Beatles played here on August 27, 1964 (to see a sample, click here). I attended their concert two years later at Crosley Field (also razed).

 After the recent hot weather, yesterday was cooler (low-80's) and much less humid. Finally, a nice Saturday we could enjoy together.

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