Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday Night Out

 Tom and I attended Germantown's Saturday Night Out yesterday. It's mostly a car show (rods), but also offers a few food vendors and music. We got there about 3 pm and that was too early for all but the cars.

  A good shot of Tom and I, I think. I just had a birthday last Wednesday (7/13); I turned 67. Tom's is not far away from a birthday, too (7/28); he'll be 60.

 This is looking east on Center Street from Main Street. Most of the cars were here. Others were parked at the Germantown Senior Center, Huntington Bank and in the Germantown Public Library parking lots. A few were parked on Main Street,

 Fire engine red!

 Dad would have loved seeing these rods.

 The sign said, "Honk if something falls off."

 Terrific paint jobs ...

... and most engine compartments displayed a variety of chrome.

 Tom admires this old automobile.

 Candy apple red?

 This purple truck was parked in front of the renovated Germantown Engine House. I remember the building housed The Germantown Press some years ago. That's Tom in the shot.

 One last view, from Market Street, north on Main Street.

 I have no idea how many of these events Germantown has every year but it seems like I used to remember four or five during the summer months. This has been going on for many year. We didn't stay long - less than hour - since neither of us are particularly interested in cars. Still, it was a pleasant day to get out and enjoy the village ... and each other.


  1. Love the Chevie in the penultimate photo!

  2. I have to admit I don't know cars well at all. Is that the newer red one?