Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dayton's Oregon District

 I haven't been to Dayton's Oregon District for twenty years. Tom said he thinks he was last there in the 1980's. Yesterday we took a walking tour (along Fifth Street as far east as Wayne) through the 60 acre neighborhood.

 Known for its Queen Anne, Federal and Greek Revival architecture, the Oregon District is like traveling back in time. The first plat, in fact, was recorded here in July 1829. A good historical narrative can be found by clicking here.

Credit: Google

 Looking east along Fifth Street.

 It didn't take Tom long to find a crate of clearance LP's. Had I not been with him, he'd have spent the afternoon (if not here, then in a bookstore).

 While there we could have gotten tattoo's. But no!

 The north side of the street has some newer buildings. Mostly, though, the structures appear to date from the late 19th century.

 This mural adorned the side of one of the buildings. It reminded me of Cincinnati's similar efforts with their ArtWorks program.

 Looking upwards on this beautiful sunny day presents one treat after another. While many of the buildings could benefit from a coat of fresh paint, the architecture is stunning. We certainly don't build them like this any longer. Whatever prompted us to decide square was better? Cheaper, yes ... but better?

 We stopped at a couple of shops along the way, though we mostly window-shopped. Tom found some bargains at Goodwill.

  This shop was called Feathers Vintage Clothing. They had lots of antiques, too.

 A nice afternoon to enjoy a little time travel.

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