Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lois Masters 90th Birthday

 Mom, Tom and I attended Lois Masters 90th birthday party in Miamisburg yesterday. It was held at the American Legion on Main Street from 2 pm to 5 pm.

 The tables were nicely decorated with centerpieces and purple glitter. I have to guess that Lois's favorite color is lavender?

 Lois (l) greeted visitors as they arrived. I'm not sure how she stood there for three hours (though we were there for less than one hour). When we arrived rain was threatening; when we left it was raining fairly hard.

 Though Mom attended, she feels she can't manage this sort of thing any longer. She has a very hard time getting around (she'll be 91 in less than two months) and has to keep a bathroom in sight at all times. It was difficult getting her there amid the streams of people congestion at the bar area.

 We were lucky to have Tom accompany us. He held doors and generally offered moral support.

 Cupcakes were decorated with ivory icing and lavender. Pretty!

 There are also veggies and croissants, though the sandwiches each appeared to have meat in them (chicken and ham salad) so we had to avoid them.

 We only had a chance to briefly talk with Lois but we met many relatives and friends we haven't seen in years: Mike and Scott Masters, Doug, Jeff, Roger & Eric Cluxton,Tom Lowther, Paul & Rose McKeehan, Sue Barlett and her sister, Robin. Mom saw friends from high school.

 Best wishes for many more years to Lois, as fine a lady as any of us will ever meet.

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