Sunday, March 26, 2017

AJ Rahn Greenhouses

 Yesterday Tom and I toured Spring Grove Cemetery late in the afternoon hoping for an explosion of spring color and some good material to photograph. But the recent cold snap must have frozen many of the buds and we found the place drab. Magnolias in particular had been nipped in the bud. There was nothing left but a brown, papery material where the open blooms should be. They looked something like tattered paper sacks.

 As we left the cemetery, though, we happened upon A.J. Rahn Greenhouses on Gray Road. The place was still busy, even late on a Saturday and they provided the color we had missed at the cemetery. Click here for information on the greenhouse.

A. J. Rahn Greenhouses
4944 Gray Road - Cincinnati OH

 Pansies were in the spotlight. They had single pots and trays with every color of the rainbow. Tom bought a small package (four, I think) to place on his porch area. Pansies can always be counted on for early spring color. They won't mind any cold weather and snow.

 I remember my grandfather always buying us a few pansies in the spring. This is the flower with a face and one that anyone instantly recognizes.

 Tom pointed out this hanging plant, an insectivorous pitcher plant. The leaves are refereed to as "pitfall traps". The cavity is filled with a digestive liquid. These are the exposed stomachs of the plant world.

 Tom's paying for his violas. The day is late and I have to get on the road home.

 Tom's violas after planting and placing on his porch area.

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  1. Nothing like a breath of spring in the greenhouse! Pretty colors and the smell...makes me think of Clovis at Kitch's! Nice photos, Bill