Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DAI with Tom and John

Last Saturday (03/18) Tom, I and his brother, John, took an afternoon tour of the Dayton Art Institute, Tom and I were there a couple of years ago and enjoyed the art museum. To see a more thorough tour of the DAI, click here.

Tom (l) and John stand before "Untitled" (1985) by Louise Nevelson

John (l) and Tom 

 John (78) is visiting from his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He was formerly head of the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.


Summer Afternoon (1957) 
Ray Parker (1922-1990)

  A view out a southeast window of the DAI, facing the Great Miami River and I-75

John (l) and Tom 

 A new Indian sculpture adorned a large room where a wedding was being held. It's easily twice life size. Another room seemed set up for a reception.

 I don't remember who this character is (or the artist) but the detail was stunning.

 Besides the DAI, the three of us enjoyed lunch at Fazoli's in West Carrollton.

 John will stay in the Cincinnati for much of the week, then visit Florida and finally return home to Wyoming, perhaps along a Gulf route.

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  1. One of my favorite places on EARTH! Have not been there for years! 'Portrait of Dammas Guldewagen' by Jan de Bray, (c. 1627 – April 4, 1697), was a Dutch Golden Age painter. It is beyond imagination how many superb painters from that era and we can still stand and see all that photographic like detail in 2017! WHERE are these types of artists, today? Are there ANY?????? Thanks - I loved seeing this - my fav part of DAI is those doors, that lead to the courtyard - a splendid piece of architecture!