Sunday, March 12, 2017

Daffodils in Full Bloom

 It seems particularly early this year for our daffodils to be in full bloom but I suppose I think the same thing every year. It is such a shock to see color in the gray, brown and tan world. The meadow is alive with clumps of yellow. brilliant blossoms among last fall's weeds and dead leaves. It is a shock to the system.

March 10

 Two days ago I walked to the meadow and cut a bouquet of daffodils and Mom placed them in a deep blue glass that she keeps mostly for this purpose. They are sitting on the kitchen counter, a touch of spring while winter continues - on the calendar, anyway.

We have had an unusually warm winter again. February was nearly 13° above normal; January was up 7°. Temperatures like this - and the lack of snow cover - have prompted the spring bulbs to explore the tepid air.

February 6 

 I first walked to the meadow in early February and pushed a few leaves aside. I found the clumps of daffodils already above the soil, probably having sprouted a week or so before. This day was 59°, a full 13° above normal.

February 19 

 By mid-month, the shoots had formed buds and were testing the air to see whether it was safe to open. This day it was 58°.

March 9 

 Then, in early March, the flowers burst forth. I probably missed the opening by several days. As I walked to the meadow on 3/9, it was 66°. Winter of 2017 just passed us by.

March 10

 And finally a bouquet for the kitchen. I'll leave most of the blooms in the meadow where they can make a natural display. But we needed a few to enjoy up close. The picture at the top of this blog was taken in macro-mode of a blossom in this bunch.
 Though we will surely have some cold days ahead - Wednesday is forecast to dip into the lower teens - spring is well underway and there is no turning back. Winter is behind us, even if the calendar says eight days remain.

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  1. Oh, how I loved this one! I miss bulb plants.