Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tickle Pickle

 Odd name for a restaurant, huh? Well, Tom and I had a reason to check the place out yesterday: it was Cincinnati's "Burger Week" and select burgers were just $5.

 Located at 4176 Hamilton Avenue, Tickle Pickle is just a short walk from Tom's apartment. Find out more about the restaurant by clicking here.

 The decor is Victorian with metal ceiling tiles and a generally dark atmosphere. There aren't many tables, at least not those we could see. Apparently there are more in the back. It was busy when we were there (about 12:30 pm), perhaps due to the lunch hour and the Cincinnati burger promotion.

 Right beside our table was a chalkboard where you could jot a note. A small plastic cup of chalk was on our table, mere nubbins which would have been hard to write with. They looked more like breath mints.

 There was only a short wait for our meals. It was very hot (93°) and humid outside so this cool, dim atmosphere was particularly relaxing on such a summer day.

 We both ordered "Buns & Roses", a homemade vegan burger. It included a Cuban bun, 'housemade' black bean burger, spicy ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle. Tom tries to watch his salt intake, thus his pickles are lying atop my slaw. I don't know if the slaw was part of the deal (I don't think I ordered it) but it seemed homemade and had plenty of dressing. Chips were an extra - I had ordered French Fries which they don't have.

 Here's the actual burger. Both Tom and I rated it "a little dry" but that may have been because of the coarse bun. Nevertheless it was a filling meal and a pleasant place to get out of the heat for a short while.

 Their $5 burger offerings also included one called "Bread Zepplin" (are you sensing a theme here?) which included a non-GMO bun, beef burger, American cheese, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.

 Fifty-three Cincinnati locations took part in the $5 burger week promotion.

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