Sunday, July 2, 2017

Enjoying the Food

 On Saturday (July 1) Tom and I enjoyed lunch at Fazoli's in Moraine and then stopped at Aldi's on the way home and bought a watermelon for dessert.

 Fozoli's $5 lunch special includes one main dish (spaghetti with marinara was my choice), a salad and a drink. That's what we usually get when we're there.

 Tom, anticipating the watermelon, brought his special slicer. We cut the melon in half first (he took half of that home and I kept the rest). Seedless and less than $4 at Aldi's.

 Perfect slices!

 This was our first use of a new picnic table that Mom and I bought a few weeks ago.

 And so our July 4 celebration included mostly eating. But, then, doesn't everyone's?

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