Sunday, July 16, 2017

Montgomery County Fair - 2017

 It was the last year that the Montgomery County Fair would be held near downtown Dayton (1043 S Main Street) so Tom and I had an extra incentive to attend. A special thanks to Jack Warner for tickets.

 Since the fair location was tentative - plans have been underway for a move for some time - I'm told that many vendors opted to book other sure bets. And so the fair had fewer food trucks and games than usual. But Saturday (07/15/17)  was also the last day for the fair and attendance was understandably light.

 Started in 1852, this was the 165th anniversary of the Montgomery County Fair.

 Enjoy a final walk through this year's fair with us ...

 We parked on the infield and had a bit of a walk. Parking was very organized, though, and there was plenty of room.

 Next year the fair will be held in Jefferson Township at Arthur O Fisher Park. The 130 acre location is located at Dayton Liberty and Infirmary Road.

 Additional information on the fair can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Really fun to see, Bill! Thx...
    The mont co fair was always a highlight of the year for us...all my cousins were always participants with their animals, sewing, baking, art... Nothing but fun times! I remember going to a Cowsill's concert there! Makes me homesick sherry