Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wandering Wheels Trip (Part Four)

February 7 (Day 7):

The weather's looking pretty good for today's ride. In the GOES satellite image, taken after 9 a.m. this morning, you can see clear skies off the southern coast of Florida. The riders are already beginning their trek down the keys so they are in that "open" area.

Here's a map of today's route which will take them from Key Largo to Long Key, a distance of about 30 miles. Ah, a short day!
About 4:30 p.m. Bob called and said all was well, that the ride was windy and there was open water on both sides of then. He said he was amazed at the shades of blue in the water. It is in the mid-60's. I could easily hear the wind gusting during the call.
He said he'd try to get a few pictures fired north if he could. And within half an hour, when I came upstairs to my PC, there they were.

And here they are. First, here's Mike at rest on a bridge. As today came to a close, the group had logged about 330 miles with 70 or so to go.

Here's another view of a manatee being fed. Bob said he got the chance to give one some lettuce and that the animal's whiskers tickled his hand.

And here's Bob himself. He doesn't look quite so unhappy as in the earlier shot, does he? Of course look at that sky! Clear and sunny with a nice breeze. Who could ask for me (except maybe a calm day)?

This sunset picture was taken last evening (02/06/10) while the group was eating at a restaurant in Key Largo. Couldn't be prettier, huh?

And here's a final look at Robert. With almost 83% of the distance behind him, he has reason to smile. Think of it: he's just 120 miles from Cuba! How about that astronaut-type beard? He looks like he's been aboard an Apollo spacecraft just back from a moon voyage!

February 6 (later);

Bob called and the group is in for the day after a 47 mile ride. They're spending the night at a private residence. He said they were all going out to eat later (in a van). That beats pedaling!
He sent three pictures from today and yesterday. This is of a manatee being fed.

Then he sent a picture of the African Queen. Remember the 1951 movie with Bogart and Hepburn. This is the boat from the movie. And here's how Bob got to see it.

Finally, this is a shot from where they camped last night.

Bob said his cell phone needs charging and I suppose he'd rather eat than send me pictures so we'll let him be for the evening.

February 6 (Day 6):

We got a call from Bob last evening on his cell phone and he said he was in camp but too tired to send pictures. He was hitting the sack. Maybe I'll get more later today?

He had completed a 57 mile day and was facing a ride of 47 miles today. But today will place to riders into the Keys:

Now the ride is one with water on both sides of the route and they'll be open to whatever wind is blowing through. Key Largo (the destination) forecasts a west wind at 15 mph. As I type this (10:30 a.m.), it's 71 degrees there.