Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wandering Wheels Trip (Part Three)

February 5 (Day Five):

It's another long haul today, about 57 miles, but it's warm (80 degrees at 2 p.m.) and merely overcast. I've been watching big storms coming on shore in the northern part of the state and there's an angry line of thunderstorms still out in the Gulf. The Miami office of the NWS is calling for a 70% chance of heavy rain tonight (mostly after 7 p.m.) so Bob and Mike should be in from the day's ride.
Mom, Dad and I put this picture together and I'm sending it to Bob soon. Mom made a sign that says "Hi Bob" and we'd thought he'd enjoy a piece of home. Here at Pinehaven, it's just 33 degrees and we're under a Winter Storm Warning. What? Anywhere from half a foot of snow and up before tomorrow morning arrives. Considering that, what's a little rain?

Today's route takes the group from Dania to near Miami. Tonight they'll bed down at the Miami-Everglades Campground. I wonder how loud the storms will be through the tent fabric?

February 4 (continued):

First, a picture taken at a sidewalk cafe where the bikers had lunch. Its located in Delray Beach.

Then a picture of the skyline in the West Palm Beach area.

Bob even managed to take a picture of the mountain of lasagna he had for lunch!

Finally, here's some of the bikers crossing a bridge ... somewhere near the coast of southeast Florida.

February 4 (Day 4):

Below is today's map, a route of about 65 miles - the longest ride of the trip - from Juno to Dania. Tonight the group will stay at the Mt. Sinai Methodist Church.

The weather, at least, is cooperating, though breezy. An east wind, gusting to 20 mph, might require a little more pedal power. At least it's a crosswind. At noon, the temperature is 75 but the skies have gone to mostly cloudy.