Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wandering Wheels Trip (Part Two)

February 3 (later) ...

Pictures just in from Bob after arriving at the destination. First shot is of parasailing at the beach. Finally, a sunny, warm day!

Tonight the group is staying at the Oceanview United Methodist Church at Juno. Bob said he and "Big Mike" will be camping out on the grounds. Here's a picture (below) of their Fellowship Hall. Today's ride totaled about 50 miles.

This is a shot of the bikers as they wheeled through a Cypress grove.

And finally, a picture of a lone Great Egret who seems to be looking a little more than cautiously at the photographer!

February 3 - Day Three

I haven't heard from Bob yet today but we had a nice talk last evening. Today's ride takes them from Fort Pierce to Juno. Here's a map of today's ride:

How's the weather? Fort Pierce was predicting sunny skies all day but the noon report is cloudy. I pulled up the current GOES satellite picture and it looks clear in the vicinity of the ride.
Tonight they'll stay in Juno (near West Palm Beach). Today's ride was slated to be about 30 miles.

February 2 (Day Two - continued):

Pictures arriving mid-ride which places the group perhaps near Oslo. But earlier this morning, this is a shot of the group leaving the Vero Beach Kamp (actually at Sebastian). It looks a little cool - and a little damp - but they'll warm up when they get to peddling.

Bob sent pictures during his lunch stop and here's a close-up of the chow wagon. I can't say how the food is from 1200 miles away, but the gals sure look enthusiastic!

And here's the same full-frame shot so you can see the entire wagon.

Finally, Bob said he took pictures of dolphins cavorting in the Atlantic. This was shot from a bridge. Look closely!

Bob also said the group has managed to stay dry thus far today. I looked at the NWS radar before sending a text message back and there is rain and storms to both their north and west. The rain out to the west is moving their way. But with just 20 miles to go today. they might make it. And if not, the journey in the rain won't be too long.