Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, more snow!

Will it ever end? Another Winter Storm Warning and another 3.5" of snow today. This poor cardinal is lucky that we have suet hanging from the tree branch or she'd be without anything to eat. I've watched a squirrel beneath a pine digging for something. Probably a nut he buried last fall? He'd scamper up the tree and then go back to digging. I think that he was warming his feet.

The average snow depth is now 13" here in Farmersville. I can find areas that are lots deeper - and a few that are less - but this seems a number I would use to explain how much snow we have. More than a foot! That's very rare here in southwest Ohio. And we have not had a moment's break since the first storm on 02/05/10.

This shot (below) is looking out our driveway towards Clayton Road. You can see my single path to civilization. Our connection is thin at best.

Finally, the concrete bench we have on the back patio is nearly buried. About 4 p.m. we began losing our DirecTV signal and I went out, dug a path on the opposite side of the porch and brushed the snow out of the dish. That fixed it. A word to the wise: don't mount satellite dishes on the roof or where they're inaccessible. At least not in snowy climates. If you do, you'll have to wait for the snow to melt before you can watch TV again. And with the winter Olympics underway, TV is not something we want to miss.

It's 25 degrees at 4:45 p.m. so it's not particularly cold. Maybe we'll be spared the windy night that's being talked about. If not, if this light snows blows into drifts, I'll never get out of the driveway until spring.