Friday, March 19, 2010

The Canada Goose

Yesterday as Mom and I were walking at the Farmersville/Jackson Pond, we saw that two mallards - a male and a female - and two Canada Geese who were enjoying the warm (65 degree) sunshine. A light breeze ruffled the water as they floated along.

We never saw such as these when I was a kid. It took a trip to Bear Lake, Michigan to see this beautiful bird. I remember approaching one on the beach and getting quite a remarkable hissing at. Anyway, Branta canadensis is fairly new to us here in the Miami Valley. We've enjoyed them only for the last couple of decades, I'd guess.

Our pond is too tiny for them to stay and lay eggs. The small space could offer no protection and the constant walkers are probably a real annoyance to these majestic birds.