Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring's Earliest Buds

At the south edge of our property stands a pussy willow, sold to me as though it was gray - and it was ... the first year - but which reverted to pure white again by the second season. I cared that first time I saw white, thought I had been cheated. No more!

And I thought the other day (03/09) when I took this shot that I had never seen the pussy willows budding so early. But looking through my blog of a year ago, I see the plant in full bud only a day later and now think the poor plant is positively behind schedule.
Throughout the rest of the year, the pussy willow is no more than a nondescript bush. But now, as it blooms before anything else, it is spectacular in its fearlessness. Let the warm days come followed by bitter nights! Still it sends forth those fuzzy white buds. Let the storm pelt! Still it unfolds those delicate catkins.
Today I walked to our meadow to see if any of my spring bulbs survived (both the weather and the squirrels) and I found clumps of daffodils in profusion. Most wave swollen buds atop their green stems. I must plant still more so that someday some passerby will stop and admire my foresight.
We plant as we write: for ourselves and for the future.
Here, on 03/16, is the same plant so that you can see the progress: