Friday, March 5, 2010


Here, then, is the love of my life, Ginger. A not-so-miniature Schnauzer, Ginger was originally my brother's and she made her way to our home after a divorce. We had been "dog-sitting" for some time and Ginger always enjoyed her time with us. Too much, I suppose. Eventually she was happy nowhere else.

Nor have we ever again been happy without her. Her life was short, 1977 - 1988, and none of us have ever gotten over losing her from lung cancer.

The perfect dog, Ginger enjoyed the deck at the rear of our house in Moraine's German Village subdivision. I always liked the lighting here and took many pictures of her there.

You could always say "shake, Ginger" and a hand would lift and a paw extend. She'd hold one paw in the air for a while then put it down and lift the other.

Here she is wrapped in a robe and on Mom's bed. She slept with us, of course, because she was truly one of us.

In her earlier years, while we still lived in Miamisburg, I took this picture in our back yard.

Another shot on the deck in Moraine.

Finally, a rear view of that gorgeous, faithful dog. It'll be 22 years this December since we last held her. Pictures are no substitute. But they are all we have, that and memories.

... plenty of memories.